Vol 19 Supplement 3 (2016)

Police, Law Enforcement and HIV

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Complete Supplement including Author Index PDF (2MB) HTML EPUB XML
Published: 2016/07/18     Views: 251


Changing police as barrier to police as solution PDF HTML EPUB XML
Michel Sidibé
Published: 2016/07/18     Views: 330


Police must join the fast track to end AIDS by 2030 PDF HTML EPUB XML
Nick Crofts, David Patterson
Published: 2016/07/18     Views: 382


Finding solid ground: law enforcement, key populations and their health and rights in South Africa PDF HTML EPUB XML
Andrew Scheibe, Simon Howell, Alexandra Müller, Munyaradzi Katumba, Bram Langen, Lillian Artz, Monique Marks
Published: 2016/07/18     Views: 1405


Policing practices as a structural determinant for HIV among sex workers: a systematic review of empirical findings PDF HTML EPUB XML
Katherine HA Footer, Bradley E Silberzahn, Kayla N Tormohlen, Susan G Sherman
Published: 2016/07/18     Views: 517


Sexual violence from police and HIV risk behaviours among HIV-positive women who inject drugs in St. Petersburg, Russia - a mixed methods study PDF HTML EPUB XML
Karsten Lunze, Anita Raj, Debbie M Cheng, Emily K. Quinn, Fatima I Lunze, Jane M Liebschutz, Carly Bridden, Alexander Y Walley, Elena Blokhina, Evgeny Krupitsky, Jeffrey H Samet
Published: 2016/07/18     Views: 403
Pre-incarceration police harassment, drug addiction and HIV risk behaviours among prisoners in Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan: results from a nationally representative cross-sectional study PDF HTML EPUB XML
Maxim Polonsky, Lyuba Azbel, Martin P Wegman, Jacob M Izenberg, Chethan Bachireddy, Jeffrey A Wickersham, Sergii Dvoriak, Frederick L Altice
Published: 2016/07/18     Views: 512
Determining barriers to creating an enabling environment in Cambodia: Results from a baseline study with key populations and police PDF HTML EPUB XML
Mira L. Schneiders, Amy Weissman
Published: 2016/07/18     Views: 366
Factors associated with physical and sexual violence by police among people who inject drugs in Ukraine: implications for retention on opioid agonist therapy PDF HTML EPUB XML
Oksana Kutsa, Ruthanne Marcus, Martha J Bojko, Alexei Zelenev, Alyona Mazhnaya, Sergii Dvoriak, Sergeii Filippovych, Frederick L Altice
Published: 2016/07/18     Views: 652
Strategies for reducing police arrest in the context of an HIV prevention programme for female sex workers: evidence from structural interventions in Karnataka, South India PDF HTML EPUB XML
Parinita Bhattacharjee, Shajy Isac, Leigh M McClarty, Haranahalli L Mohan, Srinath Maddur, Sunitha B Jagannath, Balasubramanya K Venkataramaiah, Stephen Moses, James F Blanchard, Vandana Gurnani
Published: 2016/07/18     Views: 408
Barriers to community-based drug dependence treatment: implications for police roles, collaborations and performance indicators PDF HTML EPUB XML
Yi Ma, Chunhua Du, Thomas Cai, Qingfeng Han, Huanhuan Yuan, Tingyan Luo, Guoliang Ren, Gitau Mburu, Bangyuan Wang, Olga Golichenko, Chaoxiong Zhang
Published: 2016/07/18     Views: 734
Prevalence and correlates of needle-stick injuries among active duty police officers in Tijuana, Mexico PDF HTML EPUB XML
Maria Luisa Mittal, Leo Beletsky, Efraín Patiño, Daniela Abramovitz, Teresita Rocha, Jaime Arredondo, Arnulfo Bañuelos, Gudelia Rangel, Steffanie A Strathdee
Published: 2016/07/18     Views: 460
Declining trends in exposures to harmful policing among people who inject drugs in Vancouver, Canada PDF HTML EPUB XML
Adina Landsberg, Thomas Kerr, Michael-John Milloy, Huiru Dong, Paul Nguyen, Evan Wood, Kanna Hayashi
Published: 2016/07/18     Views: 423
A partnership approach to providing on-site HIV services for probationers and parolees: a pilot study from Alabama, USA PDF HTML EPUB XML
Bronwen Lichtenstein, Brad Wayne Barber, and The West Alabama AIDS Outreach Partner Group
Published: 2016/07/18     Views: 618


From conflict to partnership: growing collaboration between police and NGOs in countries with concentrated epidemics among key populations PDF HTML EPUB XML
Nicholas Thomson, Diane Riley, Anne Bergenstrom, Jenae Carpenter, Alex Zelitchenko
Published: 2016/07/18     Views: 395

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