Vol 19 Supplement 2 (2016)

HIV epidemics among transgender populations: the importance of a trans-inclusive response

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Complete Supplement including Author Index PDF (2MB) HTML EPUB XML
Published: 2016/07/17     Views: 204


Evidence for action: a call for the global HIV response to address the needs of transgender populations PDF HTML EPUB XML
Tonia C Poteat, JoAnne Keatley, Rose Wilcher, Chloe Schwenke
Published: 2016/07/17     Views: 645


Transgender social inclusion and equality: a pivotal path to development PDF HTML EPUB XML
Vivek Divan, Clifton Cortez, Marina Smelyanskaya, JoAnne Keatley
Published: 2016/07/17     Views: 2687


Transgender women, hormonal therapy and HIV treatment: a comprehensive review of the literature and recommendations for best practices PDF HTML EPUB XML
Asa Radix, Jae Sevelius, Madeline B Deutsch
Published: 2016/07/17     Views: 864
HIV prevention among transgender women in Latin America: implementation, gaps and challenges PDF HTML EPUB XML
Alfonso Silva-Santisteban, Shirley Eng, Gabriela de la Iglesia, Carlos Falistocco, Rafael Mazin
Published: 2016/07/17     Views: 673


Characterizing the HIV risks and potential pathways to HIV infection among transgender women in Côte d’Ivoire, Togo and Burkina Faso PDF HTML EPUB XML
Shauna Stahlman, Benjamin Liestman, Sosthenes Ketende, Seni Kouanda, Odette Ky-Zerbo, Marcel Lougue, Daouda Diouf, Simplice Anato, Jules Tchalla, Amara Bamba, Fatou Maria Drame, Rebecca Ezouatchi, Abo Kouamé, Stefan D Baral
Published: 2016/07/17     Views: 479
HIV prevalence and demographic determinants of condomless receptive anal intercourse among trans feminine individuals in Beirut, Lebanon PDF HTML EPUB XML
Rachel L. Kaplan, Justine McGowan, Glenn J Wagner
Published: 2016/07/17     Views: 690
Prevalence and associated factors of condomless receptive anal intercourse with male clients among transgender women sex workers in Shenyang, China PDF HTML EPUB XML
Yong Cai, Zixin Wang, Joseph TF Lau, Jinghua Li, Tiecheng Ma, Yan Liu
Published: 2016/07/17     Views: 609
Empowering communities and strengthening systems to improve transgender health: outcomes from the Pehchan programme in India PDF HTML EPUB XML
Simran Shaikh, Gitau Mburu, Viswanathan Arumugam, Naveen Mattipalli, Abhina Aher, Sonal Mehta, James Robertson
Published: 2016/07/17     Views: 654
Inequities in access to HIV prevention services for transgender men: results of a global survey of men who have sex with men PDF HTML EPUB XML
Ayden I Scheim, Glenn-Milo Santos, Sonya Arreola, Keletso Makofane, Tri D Do, Patrick Hebert, Matthew Thomann, George Ayala
Published: 2016/07/17     Views: 641
Types of social support and parental acceptance among transfemale youth and their impact on mental health, sexual debut, history of sex work and condomless anal intercourse PDF HTML EPUB XML
Victory Le, Sean Arayasirikul, Yea-Hung Chen, Harry Jin, Erin C Wilson
Published: 2016/07/17     Views: 519


How Peru introduced a plan for comprehensive HIV prevention and care for transwomen PDF HTML EPUB XML
Ximena Salazar, Arón Núnez-Curto, Jana Villayzán, Regina Castillo, Carlos Benitez, Patricia Caballero, Carlos F Cáceres
Published: 2016/07/17     Views: 348
Putting the t in tools: a roadmap for implementation of new global and regional transgender guidance PDF HTML EPUB XML
R Cameron Wolf, Darrin Adams, Robyn Dayton, Annette Verster, Joe Wong, Marcela Romero, Rafael Mazin, Edmund Settle, Tim Sladden, JoAnne Keatley
Published: 2016/07/17     Views: 568

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