Vol 17, No 3

Supplement 2

Women and ARV-based prevention: opportunities and challenges

Financial support for this supplement was provided by US Agency for International Development (USAID) under the terms of the Preventive Technologies Agreement No. GHO-A-00-09-00016-00. The contents do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government.

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Women and ARV-based prevention: opportunities and challenges PDF HTML EPUB XML
Published: 2014/09/07     Views: 1113


Women and ARV-based HIV prevention challenges and opportunities PDF HTML EPUB XML
Cynthia W Geary, Elizabeth A Bukusi
Published: 2014/09/07     Views: 1165


An interdisciplinary framework for measuring and supporting adherence in HIV prevention trials of ARV-based vaginal rings PDF HTML EPUB XML
Kathleen M MacQueen, Elizabeth E Tolley, Derek H Owen, K Rivet Amico, Kathleen M Morrow, Tom R Moench, David R Friend, Barbara Friedland
Published: 2014/09/07     Views: 1376


ARV-based HIV prevention for women - where we are in 2014 PDF HTML EPUB XML
Timothy D Mastro, Nirupama Sista, Quarraisha Abdool-Karim
Published: 2014/09/07     Views: 1142


Perspectives on use of oral and vaginal antiretrovirals for HIV prevention: the VOICE-C qualitative study in Johannesburg, South Africa PDF HTML EPUB XML
Ariane van der Straten, Jonathan Stadler, Ellen Luecke, Nicole Laborde, Miriam Hartmann, Elizabeth T. Montgomery, on behalf of the VOICE-Study Team
Published: 2014/09/07     Views: 1982
A descriptive analysis of perceptions of HIV risk and worry about acquiring HIV among FEM-PrEP participants who seroconverted in Bondo, Kenya, and Pretoria, South Africa PDF HTML EPUB XML
Amy L Corneli, Kevin McKenna, Jennifer Headley, Khatija Ahmed, Jacob Odhiambo, Joseph Skhosana, Meng Wang, Kawango Agot, for the FEM-PrEP Study Group
Published: 2014/09/07     Views: 1611
Engaging male partners in women’s microbicide use: evidence from clinical trials and implications for future research and microbicide introduction PDF HTML EPUB XML
Michele Lanham, Rose Wilcher, Elizabeth T Montgomery, Robert Pool, Sidney Schuler, Rachel Lenzi, Barbara Friedland
Published: 2014/09/07     Views: 1047
Comparing patterns of sexual risk among adolescent and young women in a mixed-method study in Tanzania: implications for adolescent participation in HIV prevention trials PDF HTML EPUB XML
Elizabeth E Tolley, Sylvia Kaaya, Anna Kaale, Anna Minja, Doreen Bangapi, Happy Kalungura, Jennifer Headley, Joy Noel Baumgartner
Published: 2014/09/07     Views: 1018
Communicating about microbicides with women in mind: tailoring messages for specific audiences PDF HTML EPUB XML
Sekou Sidibe, Allison P Pack, Elizabeth E Tolley, Elizabeth Ryan, Caroline Mackenzie, Emily Bockh, George Githuka
Published: 2014/09/07     Views: 947
The importance of choice in the rollout of ARV-based prevention to user groups in Kenya and South Africa: a qualitative study PDF HTML EPUB XML
Natasha Mack, Emily M Evens, Elizabeth E Tolley, Kate Brelsford, Caroline Mackenzie, Cecilia Milford, Jennifer A Smit, Joshua Kimani
Published: 2014/09/07     Views: 924
Community and research staff collaboration for development of materials to inform microbicide study participants in Africa PDF HTML EPUB XML
Cynthia Woodsong, John Michael Mutsambi, Smangalisa Ntshele, Peggy Modikoe
Published: 2014/09/07     Views: 630


WHO guidance grounded in a comprehensive approach to sexual and reproductive health and human rights: topical pre-exposure prophylaxis PDF HTML EPUB XML
Manjula Lusti-Narasimhan, Rajat Khosla, Rachel Baggaley, Marleen Temmerman, Elizabeth McGrory, Tim Farley
Published: 2014/09/03     Views: 1082
Learning from the private sector: towards a keener understanding of the end-user for microbicide introduction planning PDF HTML EPUB XML
Amy H Lin, Tiffany L Breger, Matthew Barnhart, Ann Kim, Charlotte Vangsgaard, Emily Harris
Published: 2014/09/07     Views: 1892

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