Vol 11 (2008)

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Journal of the International AIDS Society: an important step forward
Mark A Wainberg, Elly Katabira, Shirin Heidari
Published: 2008/09/22     Views: 273


HIV is a virus, not a crime: ten reasons against criminal statutes and criminal prosecutions
Edwin Cameron, Scott Burris, Michaela Clayton
Published: 2008/12/01     Views: 303
Fear of Foreigners: HIV-related restrictions on entry, stay, and residence
Joseph J Amon, Katherine Wiltenburg Todrys
Published: 2008/12/16     Views: 380


HIV/AIDS, conflict and security in Africa: rethinking relationships
Joseph U Becker, Christian Theodosis, Rick Kulkarni
Published: 2008/09/22     Views: 303
Prevention of the sexual transmission of HIV-1: preparing for success
Myron S Cohen, Pontiano Kaleebu, Thomas Coates
Published: 2008/10/01     Views: 272
HIV prevention: What have we learned from community experiences in concentrated epidemics?
Bruno Spire, Isabelle de Zoysa, Hakima Himmich
Published: 2008/10/01     Views: 924
Confronting TB/HIV in the era of increasing anti-TB drug resistance
Jeremiah Chakaya, Haileyesus Getahun, Reuben Granich, Diane Havlir
Published: 2008/10/06     Views: 269
Sex between men in the context of HIV: The AIDS 2008 Jonathan Mann Memorial Lecture in health and human rights
Jorge Saavedra, Jose Antonio Izazola-Licea, Chris Beyrer
Published: 2008/12/24     Views: 286


Benefits of an educational program for journalists on media coverage of HIV/AIDS in developing countries
Jorge L Martinez-Cajas, Cédric F Invernizzi, Michel Ntemgwa, Susan M Schader, Mark A Wainberg
Published: 2008/09/22     Views: 348

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