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Special theme on HIV and disability - time for closer bonds
Shirin Heidari, Susan Kippax
Published: 2009/11/09     Views: 374


Differences in resistance mutations among HIV-1 non-subtype B infections: a systematic review of evidence (1996–2008)
Jorge L Martinez-Cajas, Nikita P Pai, Marina B Klein, Mark A Wainberg
Published: 2009/06/30     Views: 338
Complexity, cofactors, and the failure of AIDS policy in Africa
Eileen Stillwaggon
Published: 2009/07/10     Views: 309
Combating HIV stigma in health care settings: what works?
Laura Nyblade, Anne Stangl, Ellen Weiss, Kim Ashburn
Published: 2009/08/06     Views: 673
The fields of HIV and disability: past, present and future
Jill Hanass-Hancock, Stephanie A Nixon
Published: 2009/11/09     Views: 409
Disability and HIV/AIDS - a systematic review of literature on Africa
Jill Hanass-Hancock
Published: 2009/11/13     Views: 580


Survey of physician knowledge regarding antiretroviral medications in hospitalized HIV-infected patients
Saarah Arshad, Michael Rothberg, Darius A Rastegar, Linda M Spooner, Daniel Skiest
Published: 2009/02/02     Views: 307
Long term outcomes of antiretroviral therapy in a large HIV/AIDS care clinic in urban South Africa: a prospective cohort study
Ian M Sanne, Daniel Westreich, Andrew P Macphail, Dennis Rubel, Pappie Majuba, Annelies Van Rie
Published: 2009/12/17     Views: 319
Development and evaluation of a clinical algorithm to monitor patients on antiretrovirals in resource-limited settings using adherence, clinical and CD4 cell count criteria
David Meya, Lisa A Spacek, Hilda Tibenderana, Laurence John, Irene Namugga, Stephen Magero, Robin Dewar, Thomas C Quinn, Robert Colebunders, Andrew Kambugu, Steven J Reynolds
Published: 2009/03/04     Views: 378
Quality of life and the impact of drug toxicities in a South African community-based antiretroviral programme
Jennifer Pitt, Landon Myer, Robin Wood
Published: 2009/04/24     Views: 297
The cost and impact of male circumcision on HIV/AIDS in Botswana
Lori A Bollinger, John Stover, Godfrey Musuka, Boga Fidzani, Themba Moeti, Lesego Busang
Published:     Views: 345
Medication diaries do not improve outcomes with highly active antiretroviral therapy in Kenyan children: a randomized clinical trial
Dalton C Wamalwa, Carey Farquhar, Elizabeth M Obimbo, Sara Selig, Dorothy A Mbori-Ngacha, Barbra A Richardson, Julie Overbaugh, Thaddeus Egondi, Irene Inwani, Grace John-Stewart
Published: 2009/06/24     Views: 354
Factors influencing quality of life of people living with HIV in Estonia: a cross-sectional survey
Kristi Rüütel, Heti Pisarev, Helle-Mai Loit, Anneli Uusküla
Published: 2009/07/16     Views: 280
Disparity in health care: HIV, stigma, and marginalization in Nepal
Chandra K Jha, Jeanne Madison
Published: 2009/08/26     Views: 929
The role of disclosure in relation to assent to participate in HIV-related research among HIV-infected youth: a formative study
Amy Corneli, Lara Vaz, Jennyfer Dulyx, Serge Omba, Stuart Rennie, Frieda Behets
Published: 2009/08/27     Views: 367
HIV/AIDS, growth and poverty in KwaZulu-Natal and South Africa: an integrated survey, demographic and economy-wide analysis
James Thurlow, Jeff Gow, Gavin George
Published:     Views: 319
Characterizing trends in HIV infection among men who have sex with men in Australia by birth cohorts: results from a modified back-projection method
Handan Wand, David Wilson, Ping Yan, Andrea Gonnermann, Ann McDonald, John Kaldor, Matthew Law
Published: 2009/09/18     Views: 292
Clinical presentation and aetiologies of acute or complicated headache among HIV-seropositive patients in a Ugandan clinic
Michael Katwere, Andrew Kambugu, Theresa Piloya, Matthew Wong, Brett Hendel-Paterson, Merle A Sande, Allan Roland, Elly Katabira, Edward M Were, Joris Menten, Robert Colebunders
Published: 2009/09/19     Views: 376
A model for extending antiretroviral care beyond the rural health centre
Kara K Wools-Kaloustian, John E Sidle, Henry M Selke, Rajesh Vedanthan, Emmanuel K Kemboi, Lillian J Boit, Viola T Jebet, Aaron E Carroll, William M Tierney, Sylvester Kimaiyo
Published: 2009/09/29     Views: 579
Validation of AIDS-related mortality in Botswana
Negussie Taffa, Julie C Will, Stephane Bodika, Laura Packel, Diemo Motlapee, Ellen Stein, Thierry H Roels, Gail Kennedy, El-Halabi Shenaaz
Published: 2009/10/24     Views: 337
Five-year follow up of genotypic resistance patterns in HIV-1 subtype C infected patients in Botswana after failure of thymidine analogue-based regimens
Florence Doualla-Bell, Tendani Gaolathe, Ava Avalos, Suzanne Cloutier, Ndwapi Ndwapi, Christina Holcroft, Howard Moffat, Diana Dickinson, Max Essex, Mark A Wainberg, Madisa Mine
Published: 2009/10/25     Views: 297
HIV, disability and discrimination: making the links in international and domestic human rights law
Richard Elliott, Leah Utyasheva, Elisse Zack
Published: 2009/11/09     Views: 1081
Putting episodic disability into context: a qualitative study exploring factors that influence disability experienced by adults living with HIV/AIDS
Kelly K O'Brien, Aileen M Davis, Carol Strike, Nancy L Young, Ahmed M Bayoumi
Published: 2009/11/09     Views: 448
From HIV diagnosis to treatment: evaluation of a referral system to promote and monitor access to antiretroviral therapy in rural Tanzania
Ray Nsigaye, Alison Wringe, Maria Roura, Samuel Kalluvya, Mark Urassa, Joanna Busza, Basia Zaba
Published: 2009/11/11     Views: 306
Anonymous HIV workplace surveys as an advocacy tool for affordable private health insurance in Namibia
Ingrid de Beer, Hannah M Coutinho, Peter J van Wyk, Esegiel Gaeb, Tobias Rinke de Wit, Michèle van Vugt
Published: 2009/11/11     Views: 484
Variables that influence HIV-1 cerebrospinal fluid viral load in cryptococcal meningitis: a linear regression analysis
Diego M Cecchini, Ana M Cañizal, Harold Rojas, Alicia Arechavala, Ricardo Negroni, María B Bouzas, Jorge A Benetucci
Published: 2009/11/11     Views: 497
India-US collaboration to prevent adolescent HIV infection: the feasibility of a family-based HIV-prevention intervention for rural Indian youth
Asha Banu Soletti, Vincent Guilamo-Ramos, Denise Burnette, Shilpi Sharma, Alida Bouris
Published: 2009/11/19     Views: 401

Short report

Early initiation of antiretroviral therapy results in decreased morbidity and mortality among patients with TB and HIV
Payam Tabarsi, Ali S Saber-Tehrani, Parvaneh Baghaei, Mojgan Padyab, Davood Mansouri, Majid Amiri, Mohammad Reza Masjedi, Frederick L Altice
Published: 2009/07/16     Views: 438
Brazilian Network for HIV Drug Resistance Surveillance: a survey of individuals recently diagnosed with HIV
Lilian A Inocencio, Anderson A Pereira, Maria Cecilia A Sucupira, José Carlos C Fernandez, Célia P Jorge, Denise FC Souza, Helena T Fink, Ricardo S Diaz, Irina M Becker, Theodoro A Suffert, Monica B Arruda, Olinda Macedo, Mariangela BG Simão, Amilcar Tanuri
Published: 2009/09/18     Views: 421


Sang Froid in a time of trouble: is a vaccine against HIV possible?
Stanley A Plotkin
Published: 2009/02/02     Views: 552
Greater involvement of people living with HIV in health care
Odetoyinbo Morolake, David Stephens, Alice Welbourn
Published: 2009/03/14     Views: 728
HIV prevention is not enough: child survival in the context of prevention of mother to child HIV transmission
Louise Kuhn, Moses Sinkala, Don M Thea, Chipepo Kankasa, Grace M Aldrovandi
Published: 2009/12/11     Views: 263

Case Studies

Lessons learned during down referral of antiretroviral treatment in Tete, Mozambique
Tom Decroo, Isabella Panunzi, Carla das Dores, Fernando Maldonado, Marc Biot, Nathan Ford, Kathryn Chu
Published: 2009/05/06     Views: 749
Antiretroviral treatment outcomes from a nurse-driven, community-supported HIV/AIDS treatment programme in rural Lesotho: observational cohort assessment at two years
Rachel Cohen, Sharonann Lynch, Helen Bygrave, Evi Eggers, Natalie Vlahakis, Katherine Hilderbrand, Louise Knight, Prinitha Pillay, Peter Saranchuk, Eric Goemaere, Lipontso Makakole, Nathan Ford
Published: 2009/10/08     Views: 407
The adequacy of policy responses to the treatment needs of South Africans living with HIV (1999-2008): a case study
Jeff A Gow
Published: 2009/12/14     Views: 272

Meeting Reports

Transplantation of selected or transgenic blood stem cells – a future treatment for HIV/AIDS?
Gero Hütter, Thomas Schneider, Eckhard Thiel
Published: 2009/06/28     Views: 366
Meeting report of the International Policy Dialogue on HIV/AIDS and Disability
Sharon Peake
Published: 2009/11/09     Views: 344


Modeling AIDS survival after initiation of antiretroviral treatment by Weibull models with changepoints
Constantin T Yiannoutsos
Published: 2009/06/26     Views: 340

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