Vol 13 Supplement 3 (2010)

Workshop Report and Abstracts "Towards a Cure":HIV Reservoirs and Strategies to Control Them

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Meeting Reports

Workshop report: “Towards a Cure: HIV Reservoirs and Strategies to Control Them”
Richard J Jefferys
Published: 2010/11/04     Views: 459

Oral Presentations

CD4+ T cell reconstitution, T cell activation, and memory T cell subset composition in blood and gut of HIV-negative and ART-suppressed HIV-positive patients: implications for HIV persistence in the gut
S Yuki, E Sinclair, L Epling, Q Li, A Shergill, K McQuaid, L Duran, B Hare, H Lampiris, A Haase, D Havlir, J Wong
Published: 2010/11/04     Views: 773
Most HIV DNA in PBMC is present in non-gut homing, resting memory CD4+ T cells with a ß7-CD38-CD127 high phenotype
KK Koelsch, Y Xu, M Bailey, K McBride, N Seddiki, K Suzuki, J Murray, DA Cooper, AD Kelleher, J Zaunders
Published: 2009/11/10     Views: 422
Where are macrophage-tropic viruses?
G Schnell, S Joseph, S Spudich, R Price, R Swanstrom
Published: 2009/11/04     Views: 373
Novel pathways of transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation of post-integrative HIV-1 latency
A Marcello, A Kula, M Dieudonne, A Knezevich, P Maiuri
Published: 2010/11/04     Views: 634
HIV-1 Tat complexes reveal subunit composition of active P-TEFb and stable association with 7SKsnRNP
B Sobhian, N Laguette, A Yatim, M Nakamura, Y Levy, R Kiernan, M Benkirane
Published: 2010/11/04     Views: 395
Homeostatic proliferation of memory T cells and expansion of the HIV-1 latent reservoir
A Bosque, V Planelles
Published: 2010/11/04     Views: 683
Myeloid dendritic cells induce HIV-1 latency in non-proliferating CD4+ T cells
VA Evans, S Saleh, EK Haddad, PU Cameron, R-P Sekaly, SR Lewin
Published: 2010/11/04     Views: 1283
Tetherin restricts direct cell-cell viral transfer and transmission of HIV-1
BD Kuhl, RD Sloan, T Bar-Magen, C Liang, MA Wainberg
Published: 2010/11/04     Views: 485
The role of the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway in rhTRIM5α restriction of HIV-1
CM Danielson, TJ Hope
Published: 2010/11/04     Views: 402
LEDGF/p75 is critical but not essential for multiple-round HIV 1 replication
RLG Schrijvers, J De Rijck, R Gijsbers, K Ronen, FD Bushman, Z Debyser
Published: 2010/11/04     Views: 589
Changes in CD4+ cells’ miRNA expression following exposure to HIV-1
F Bignami, E Pilotti, L Bertoncelli, P Ronzi, M Gulli, N Marmiroli, G Magnani, M Pinti, C Mussini, L Lopalco, R Ruotolo, M Galli, A Cossarizza, C Casoli
Published: 2010/11/04     Views: 367
Impact of Raltegravir on immune reconstitution and thymopoiesis in HIV-1-infected patients with undetectable viremia
C Garrido, N Rallón, N Zahonero, M de la O López, V Soriano, C de Mendoza, JM Benito
Published: 2010/11/04     Views: 768
Effect of 24 weeks of intensification with a CCR5-antagonist on the decay of the HIV-1 latent reservoir
L Díaz, C Gutiérrez, C Page, B Hernández-Novoa, A Vallejo, E Domínguez, M Abad, MJ Pérez-Elías, R Rubio, MA Muñoz-Ferández, S Moreno
Published: 2010/11/04     Views: 1173
Epigenetic drug Gar1041 in combination with antiretroviral therapy transiently reduces the proviral DNA reservoir in SIVmac251-infected macaques
MG Lewis, S Norelli, N Chomont, S De Fonseca, M Sgarbanti, M Collins, B Chirullo, J Yalley-Ogunro, J Greenhouse, AT Palamara, E Garaci, A Savarino
Published: 2010/11/04     Views: 391
Purging the HIV-1 reservoir through the disruption of the PD-1 pathway
S DaFonseca, N Chomont, M El Far, R Boulassel, J Routy, R Sékaly
Published: 2010/11/04     Views: 947
Measurements of total and integrated HIV DNA demonstrate sporadic blips of unintegrated HIV DNA in HIV-positive patients on HAART
A Mekas, E Graf, L Agosto, JJ Yu, M Pace, M Liszewski, S Migueles, M Connors, U O'Doherty
Published: 2010/11/04     Views: 1217

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